Investment Focus Areas

As the Venture Investment arm of SMRT Corporation, we aim to invest in start-ups with strategic fit to the Group’s overall business – mobility, transportation, retail and advertising. Our investment focus areas are in the transport technology, deep technology and commuter experience segments.

Transport Technology

We look to invest in start-ups at the forefront of transporation technology. Together, we aim to revolutionise not only public transport, but the mobility landscape as a whole.

Electric and autonomous vehicles • On-demand services • First and last mile • Connected vehicles • Sharing economy

Deep Technology

Big data, predictive maintenance and IoT verticals have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. As a group, SMRT has been building our capabilities in these areas. We look to collaborate and invest in start-ups in this deep technology segment.

Data analytics • Predictive maintenance • Asset tagging and IoT • Robotics and autonomous tech

Commuter Experience

Our commuters are at the heart of what we do in SMRT. As we continuously try to improve our service offerings, we look to invest in start-ups that can benefit our commuters, specifically in the area of retail experience, advertising, payment, and logistics.

Ad-tech • Payments • Logistics and last mile delivery • Retail tech